Words and Images

I have a cover! Huzzah! And I'm dying to show it to you! But no, you can't see it.

Sigh, I know. What's up with that, right? See...here's the thing. I "could" show you my cover. I'm "allowed" to show you my cover, but...you only get one shot to make a big splash (or even a little splash) with these things. So as soon as I get some more stuff from my publisher, I'm hoping to have a website with more than five readers (Hi Dad!) who follow it, do my big cover reveal.

Until then can you just assume that it's awesome? Because it is. Seriously. It's worth the wait.

Anyhow, what I will share now is this. I LOVE Wordle. As someone with absolutely no ability to create anything visual, I love that I can take words (words!), plug them into this site, and get something visual back.

So here is the Wordle for THESE GENTLE WOUNDS. Pretty ain't it???