What’s Your Book About?

810896_71237717As I’ve been humbly telling people about my book deal (aka gushing hysterically), inevitably someone has asked the question “what is your book about?” I LOVE that they’re asking this question because I love talking about my writing.

I HATE that they’re asking this question because I’m genetically unable to sum anything up. Ever.

Two years ago, I went to my first SCBWI conference. And I pitched an agent who was on my “dream agent” list and who only considers writers from conferences.

Honestly, writing that book was easier than writing my pitch. I spent the entire conference trying to streamline that one paragraph. After all, I only had 15 precious minutes with the agent. And a pitch is meant to be just a sentence or two.

And it doesn’t matter that I’m in marketing professionally, marketing myself is something I find difficult.

So, yeah. I was a wreck.

I managed to spew out the words that I’d so carefully written and rewritten about my book. I’m sure I sounded like a bad actor regurgitating a horrible script. The agent stared at me. Then she asked some brilliant question totally unrelated to my over-crafted paragraph. And we started talking. And it was great. And she requested my manuscript and she said she loved it, but it was too close to the type of thing another of her clients wrote (which was exactly why I’d hoped she take me on, but yeah, I get it).

Anyhow, that book is coming out in 2015, so I have some time to sort out how to tell people about it because I still haven’t figured that out.

But now I have THIS book, the one coming out NEXT SUMMER and people are asking WHAT’S IT ABOUT????

My easy answer is that it is about a boy with PTSD. And that’s true.

But it’s also a book about brotherhood, and believing in yourself, and finding strength you didn’t know you had. And it’s about hope, and possibilities, and the difference you can make in other people’s lives even if you think that your own life is a total mess. Even if you think that YOU are a total mess.

And it’s been known to make people cry. And I’m okay with that.

I think, when people ask me next, I’m going to say all of that and see how they react.