Things I've Dreamed Of...

I never thought I’d write fiction. Journalism, theatre criticism, educational research materials, business marketing, music features and reviews….I could go on and on about what I HAVE written. But in my wildest dreams, fiction was never on that list (if you want to read about the bet that started me down this path, it can be found here). And here is a confession. Even after I completed manuscripts. Even after I HAD AN AGENT, I would never have called myself an author. Because to me that meant that I was writing fiction and I couldn’t wrap my head around that idea.

But that didn’t stop the voice; that little greedy thing inside that WANTED things. And these are the things that it wanted enough that even thinking of them would bring me to tears:

  • Posting my book’s playlist on my website
  • Holding my book in my hands
  • Seeing my book on a library / bookstore shelves.
  • Telling the stories of the characters who live in my head and who are bursting to get out and share their experiences.

And now it’s all going to happen. Picture tears here.