The Most Brilliant Post on Publishing and Writing...and well, LIFE, that I've ever read.

CreateI had my semi-annual marathon phone call with one of my best friends yesterday. We don't intend to only speak twice a year, it just happens that way. But she's one of those friends that I know is THERE. It doesn't matter how often we speak or don't, I can feel her out in the world and that makes the world better. Anyhow, this was the first time I spoke to her since my book sold and she asked me if it was still exciting. I explained to her that it is all still so new and there are still so many things I haven't gotten to do yet like go through copy edits and hold an ARC (advance reader copy) in my hands and hold my BOOK in my hands. And know that people are reading it.

Yes, I'm sweating about book #2 in my deal which was written before TGW and I'd like that not to be so apparent. Yes, I'm sweating about my-very-favoritist-book that is out with two sets of new eyes and yes, I'm REALLY sweating about my new thing which I just haven't had time to focus on.

But I'm excited in that way that only new things can make you. When I was in college and I was lucky enough to see Best Friend every day, I had a quote on my door from Dave Sim's Cereabus graphic novel series: "Everything done for the first time unleashes a demon."

That isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Anyhow, coincidentally, (as most things seem to happen with Best Friend, she has a strange relationship with the universe that way) as soon as I got off the phone, someone tweeted a link to this amazing Chuck Wendig blog,  titled, So You Just Had Your Book Published.

Seriously, if you write, or create music, or art, or do ANYTHING that matters to you, but that must really on a process and audience, READ THAT POST. Because yes, the mechanism for creating anything might be painful, but deep down that isn't why most of us create.

Remember that.