The Grinding of Gears

gearsStuff is always happening in publishing. Sometimes this stuff happens really quickly and sometimes it all seems to move glacially slow. But always, ALWAYS gears are turning. For instance, I just turned the production edits for THESE GENTLE WOUNDS in to my publisher. There is something really amazing about getting detailed continuity notes - I mean someone (in this case Sandy Sullivan from Flux who is AMAZING) had to read my manuscript and notice...well, everything. Was a character sitting and now he's standing at the window? Does the legal stuff make sense? Why would this character say that?

In my case, many of the edits were related to the weather because, despite spending my first twenty something years in the Midwest, I seem to have forgotten that it's cold in February and March. Hmmmm....

Anyhow...there are other things going on behind the scenes, too. Really, really exciting things that I can't talk about (this is also typical of publishing). But I will. Soon(ish).

In the meantime, I leave you with two recent interviews.

1. Laura of Laura & Literature interviewed me here about THESE GENTLE WOUNDS and writing in general; and

2. I fulfilled a huge goal by writing a Dear Teen Me letter. I can't even express how badly I could have used that website when I was a teen so being able to participate meant a lot to me.