I'm going to be away for the next week doing MAJOR non-writing related life things. But I saw my preliminary book cover today and I'm completely in love. I just couldn't let the day go by without saying that. Because that doesn't always happen. Ply ten authors with alcohol and five will start to talk about how much they hate their covers (or new titles). I get it - I'm in marketing and I understand why it happens, so I was doubly- terrified.

But the folks at Flux are generous at taking author opinion into account and my editor is a visionary and totally nailed this cover. I mean, when he sent me two original images and told me to send him covers from other books I liked, I was stumped. I honestly told him that what he'd sent me was better than anything I could come up with. Then I cried. Because I'm like that.

Anyhow, so when this phase of MAJOR LIFE THING is through, I will, at some point, at some destination on the internet-o-sphere, have a cover reveal. In the meantime, I thought I'd post one of the songs from the THESE GENTLE WOUNDS playlist.

First, I'm an 80's music freak having been music manager for both my high school and college radio stations (cool schools, huh!?!). And Tears for Fears' debut album blew me away and still blows me away. But I also worship the genius that is Duncan Sheik and his slowed-down, angsty version of Shout just captures the sound of someone who has been beaten down but not out, someone who will get it right as soon as they muster their strength and believe in themselves. Enjoy!

(And as always, if you like this track, please purchase it and keep supporting artists so that they can keep doing what they do!)